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About Us

Dear Visitors,

At first I would like to thank you for visiting our website and interest in our services and products.

I graduated in August 2017 with 1st Class BSc (Honours) in Computing degree provided by Anglia Ruskin University and I am also HND qualified engineer in Computing and Systems Development with main interests in network security, network administration and computer hardware maintenance and design. I am also an IT professional with more than 15 years of working experience in industrial and educational sectors where various computer, electronic and network systems have been already implemented.

The main goal of the business is about providing to the local area a wide range of computer hardware and software solutions, including hardware repairs to the component level along with computer network support and maintenance, web development and system security.

I believe that for an ICT service provider the key to customer satisfaction is a professional approach and higher understanding of customers' needs where implementation of the cutting edge technologies, excellent customers' support, service quality and comprehensive costs are important elements to ensure that the customer can succeed. However, a versatile computer hardware, software and repair services are specific on-demand products which in addition to the computer network maintenance, administration and security are highly valuable to local SOHO market, where customers' demand for professional computer and network systems management can be met.

The customer success, building customer trust and loyalty is vital for our business, where satisfying customers' needs is the key to the service provider success.